GHOSTED is a web series where girls and guys call back the people who ghosted them.

If you have no idea what we're referring to, count yourself lucky. But, chances are if you've dated in the 21st century, you've almost certainly been either the ghoster or ghosted person in a romantic situation. We get it, sometimes you don't have the gumption to tell the person you're sharing a sushi platter with that you don't want a second date. But so often there's miscommunication, nerves, ego, alcohol, and a whole host of other factors involved. 

It was this very quandary, this very question of "WHAT HAPPENED?" that got two filmmakers and best friends thinking about modern love. 

A little over a year ago, Alex dared Molly to call back the guys from her brief stint online dating who never called her back—in other words, the guys who ghosted her. With little convincing Molly did it and Alex filmed it--and the idea for the series was born.